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Make Your Own Lavender Essential Oil

Happy Friday, Moppers. We’ve almost sealed the deal on another beautiful week, which means that in just a few short hours we can say bye-bye work, hello weekend!

We don’t know what your weekend plans are, but ours will definitely involve some gardening. We’ve got our vegetable patch in full swing, and now we’re going to turn our attention to planting some flowers, including some gorgeous lavender that smells ah-mazing!

Of course we’ve touted the benefits of lavender essential oil here on the blog before (all essential oils, really), but one thing we’ve never mentioned if how easy it is to make your own. Sure it’s a little time consuming, but the wait is totally worth it.

So with that in mind, this week we thought we’d let you in on the secret to making your own lavender essential oil, which you can then turn around and use in a multitude of ways around your home, including cleaning!

What You’ll Need:

  • Distilled water
  • A crock pot with a lid
  • 3 to 4 cups of freshly chopped lavender
  • Colored glass container
  • Vitamin E (Optional)

Step 1: Get Ready

Place your freshly chopped lavender in your crock pot, and cover with distilled water. The water shouldn’t take up more than 3/4 volume of the crock pot. When you’ve done that, put the lid on upside down so that the concave curve can collect steam to allow it to condense and fall back into the pot.

Step 2: Turn it On

First, you want to turn the crock pot on high to heat all that water, and then when it’s nice and hot turn it down to low and simmer the lavender for 4 hours. The best part? Your home will smell wonderful!

Step 3: Cool Everything

After 4 hours is up, turn off your crock pot and let it cool. When it’s cool to the touch, place the inside of your pot in the fridge. If your crock pot doesn’t come apart, you can put the whole thing in the fridge, or transfer the contents to another container. Either way, you want to somehow get everything in that fridge and keep it there overnight.

Step 4: Get the Oil

The next day, take your crock pot out of the fridge, and take off the lid. You’ll notice that covering everything is a thin film of oil. That’s your essential oil! You’ll want to very carefully lift the oil off the water, but you’ll have to work fast because it will start to melt pretty quickly.

Step 5: Bottle It

Place the oil you’ve peeled off the water into a colored glass container. Put the cap on, and label it. You might notice a little bit of water in there, but it’s easy to get rid of by slowly heating the oil so that the water evaporates. Don’t heat it too much, or else it will lose its potency.

Step 6: Store It

Finally, you can store your lavender essential oil in a cool, dry place away from the sun. We like to drop a little Vitamin E in there to prolong its life, but that’s totally optional. We usually end up using it so fast that we don’t have to worry about it wearing out its shelf life, which is around a month.

That’s all there is to it. This will yield you a few teaspoons of essential oil, which might not seem like a lot for such a long process, but you know what they say? A little goes a long way.

Keep in mind that it’s important to use fresh lavender rather than dried, because fresh will give you more volume of oil, and always—ALWAYS—use distilled water, because tap water can have contaminants in it that will spoil your oil.

That’s all for this week, Moppers. We hope you enjoy your weekend, and we’ll chat with you again soon. Until then, stay safe…and stay clean!


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