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Keep Your Lawn Looking Great This Year with These Essential Tools

Happy Friday, Moppers! We hope this week treated you well and went by in a hurry. There’s just a few more hours to go before the weekend starts, and then…the possibilities are endless!

Now, we know that winter seems to be trying to hold on for as long as possible based on some of the weather we’ve had lately, but we just can’t help thinking about spring and summer, and everything that comes with the warm weather. Outdoor barbecues, pool parties, garage sales, and of course, lawn maintenance.

It takes a lot to keep your yard looking clean and fresh, and while we normally talk about how to keep thing clean inside the home, this week we thought we’d take things outside and make sure you’re ready to whip your lawn into tip top shape this year by passing on a list of some essential lawn care tools everyone should have in their arsenal.

So put on your sunglasses, spray on some sunscreen, and grab a nice cold glass of iced tea as we look ahead toward summer.

1. Lawn Rakes

We love a good looking lawn, and one thing that is essential to keeping it tidy is a rake. Leaf rakes, lawn rakes…all the rakes! They can help you perk up all that grass the has been weighed down by months of snow, not to mention aerate it so that sun, water, and nutrients can penetrate straight through into the ground. Plus, a rake will help you get rid of any dead leaves, as well as lawn trimmings left over from mowing. Oh, and speaking of mowing…

2. Mower/Tractor

This one is pretty obvious, but probably the biggest key to a healthy looking lawn is a lawnmower. It can be a push mower, or a riding mower depending on the size of your yard, but you gotta have one of these. Some have adjustable blade heights so you can keep things nice and even, making your lane look gorgeous all the way around. If you need one, or just want to upgrade, now is the time to do it!

3. Hoses/Sprinklers

What does grass need to grow and stay healthy? Water! For a tip top lawn this summer, water it 2-3 times per week, making sure it gets a total of 1” to 1 1/2” of water each week in total. You can either spray it with a hose, or set up a sprinkler system to do the work for you. Us? We’ll take any chance we can to get outside, so we like to use a hose, and work on our tan at the same time.

4. Hedge/Weed Trimmers

Lawnmowers are great, but they don’t cut everything. To get in those hard to reach places this summer, like around trees and bushes, you’ll need a weed trimmer to do the job right, and keep things looking awesome. As for those bushes, you’ll want to employ a pair of hedge trimmers to make them nice and even, so that no stray leaves ruin the look of your beautiful lawn.

5. Trailer/Wheelbarrow

Finally, if you do a lot of gardening, or puttering around outside the home in the summer, a great thing to have is a wheelbarrow or utility trailer to push everything around in. You can keep all your tools in there so that everything is in one spot, and not strung out all over the lawn. When you’ve finished with one task, you can just put your tools back in the cart, and wheel it on to the next one. Plus, you get a pretty good workout that way, too.

We love summer, and we know most of you do, too. This year, don’t let your lawn go to the squirrels. Make sure you have everything you need to keep it looking fresh and clean, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

That’s all for now, Moppers. Enjoy your weekend, and until next week…stay safe, and stay clean!


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