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How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Good Friday morning, Moppers! The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. For some it arrived sooner than others thanks to the holiday Monday we had this week, but either way…you made it! Now it’s time to start looking toward the weekend, if you haven’t been already.

This weekend we’re all about the DIY, because if you haven’t noticed it’s kind of how we like to do things around here. We’ve made everything from toothpaste to sugar scrub, and this weekend we’re going to be mixing a fresh batch of hand sanitizer, because cold and flu season is fast approaching, and we want to be prepared!

Besides, we like doing it ourselves because commercial hand sanitizer tends to do more harm than good to your body since it contains triclosan, which is a chemical that is known to accelerate the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Who needs that? When you get sick you want those prescriptions to work, right? Of course you do.

Want to make your own hand sanitizer with us? Awesome! Here’s how you do it…

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup of pure aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon of witch hazel
  • 1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
  • 30 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Squeeze/pump bottles

Step 1: Mix Your Oils

Add the Vitamin E oil to a glass bowl, followed by your essential oils, and stir to combine.

The Vitamin E oil is used as a preservative to prolong the life of your hand sanitizer, and it will help soften your hands, too. As for the tea tree oil? That’s used to kill bacteria, so it acts as the main ingredient in this hand sanitizer. Lavender oil is also know for its anti-bacterial properties, but we’ve added it to help improve the scent. If lavender isn’t your thing, you can add another antibacterial essential oil such as peppermint, sandalwood, or rosemary.

Step 2: Witch Hazel

Once you’ve got all your oils mixed in the bowl, add in the witch hazel, and mix once more.

The witch hazel acts as a disinfectant, as well as a preservative. If by chance you don’t have any witch hazel hanging around, but you are in possession of some high-proof vodka, you can substitute one for the other.

Step 3: Aloe

Add your cup of pure aloe vera gel to the mix, and stir it all around to make sure everything gets nice and blended together.

Not only will the aloe vera gel work as a moisturizer to make your hands feel soft, it also promotes the growth of new skin cells, making your hands look younger over time.

Step 4: Bottle

There are a few ways you can package your new batch of homemade hand sanitizer.

Our favorite way is to funnel it into smaller squeeze bottles that we can carry with us on the go. If this is something you’re making to keep around the house, you can easily store it in a glass container, or in a pump bottle to keep in the bathroom or kitchen.

We recommend using a container that is colored, so the light cannot easily penetrate it. This will help prolong the potency of the essential oils, as over time they lose their potency the longer they’re exposed to light.

Voila! You’ve just made your first batch of homemade hand sanitizer, and now you can use it whenever you want.

The best part is that it relies completely on the power of essential oils to kill bacteria, and unlike the triclosan found in commercial hand sanitizers you buy in the store, essential oils won’t cause bacterial resistance, which makes them much safer for you. Pretty cool, right?

Enjoy your new hand sanitizer, and your weekend, Moppers.

We’ll chat with you again on Monday!


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