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5 Essential Oils and How to Use Them Around Your Home

Happy Friday, all you amazing Moppers out there. Congrats on making it through another week. Just think, in a few short hours you can kiss work goodbye and welcome in the weekend. Hopefully you’ve got lots of good stuff planned over the next couple of days, and if not, that’s okay too. As long as you enjoy the break, that’s all that matters.

As for us, we’ll be stocking up on some essential oils this weekend, and while that may not sound like fun to you…it’s heaven to us. We love essential oils, in case you couldn’t tell, and there’s nothing more calming than walking into a store and smelling all those wonderful scents.

Of course we’ve talked a lot about essential oils here on the blog, and today we’re at it again with some more tips. Some of these might be old hat to you, while others might be eye opening. Either way, here are a few ways to use essential oils around the house, just in case you forgot.

Tea Tree Oil

It might not have the most inviting scent, but tea tree oil is one essential oil you don’t want to be without, especially when it comes to eliminating soap scum and mildew in the shower. All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of distilled white vinegar, 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap , and 20 drops of tea tree oil. Mix it all around, and use it to spray down your shower after every use. The tea tree oil will work to get rid of all that soap scum, and with its anti-fungal properties it will help keep mold and mildew at bay.

Eucalyptus Oil

You know all those hair brushes you have lying around? When was the last time you cleaned them? If you can’t remember, the time has come to do it, because chances are there’s a layer of gunk on there caused by hair products and hair oil. To properly clean them, fill a container with 1 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar, and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Drop those brushes in there and let them soak for about 20 minutes. When finished, thoroughly rinse them off and allow them to air dry. Just like that you’ll have clean and refreshed brushes.

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil might be known for its calming properties, but did you also know that it works great as a disinfectant? It’s true! It has natural antibacterial properties that work wonders to get the job done around the home. Just grab a spray bottle and fill it most of the way with water, and then add 10-15 drops of lavender oil. Give it a good shake, and spritz it all around your kitchen, bathroom, and anyplace else that needs disinfected. You don’t even have to wipe it. Just leave it to dry, and enjoy the smell.

Peppermint Oil

One of the worst things you can find in your home is cockroaches. Those little buggers give us the willies just thinking about them. Thankfully with the power of peppermint essential oil, you can combat them without the harsh chemicals included in a bug spray. Mix 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts water, and 15 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle. Give it a shake, and spritz it anywhere you’ve seen roaches in your home. This will also work on other nasties you find, such as spiders. Keep in mind this won’t kill them, it will just help keep them away, so if you have a serious infestation in your home, call in the experts to permanently remove them.

Orange Oil

You know what we hate? We hate when we get chewing gum on our clothes. Completely by accident, of course, because no one puts gum on their clothes on purpose. That’s just silly. As much as we hate it, though, we love that it gives us a chance to break out some orange essential oil, because not only does it smell amazing, it’s perfect for removing gum. Just dab it on the area with a cotton ball to loosen all that gum up, and stick those clothes in the wash and launder them the way you normally do. When finished, you’ll notice that all that gum is completely gone! Thanks you, orange oil. Thank you.

Like we said before, some of these you might have already known about, but others…not so much. Lavender for disinfecting things? Who knew? Well, now you do, and with knowledge comes power. The power to use essential oils to clean, repel, and soothe, without all those chemicals from commercial cleaning products you buy at the store.

How great is that?

We hope you all have an awesome weekend, Moppers. Until next week, stay safe, and stay clean!

4 Things You Might Be Overlooking When You Clean

Happy hump day, Moppers! We hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. We’ve been busy little cleaning bees, as usual, mopping up messes and making homes and businesses shine like nobody else can.

That’s not to say you can’t do a good job cleaning your own home, because you most certainly can. One of the benefits of having professionals come in, though, is that we know all the little tricks to getting things clean in a hurry. Not only that, but we also clean things that you might overlook through no fault of your own. We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re here.

So what are some of these things that might get overlooked during your regular cleaning routine? We’re glad you asked, because we’re just itching to share some of them with you, so that we can help make you a better cleaner!

1. Rinsing Out Your Mop

Think about it. You’ve just mopped your dirty floors, and wrung out your mop so you can set it aside for next time. That’s all well and good, but do you know what you should really be doing? Rinsing your mop with clean water. Seriously. Wringing out your mop after washing your floors is fine, but if it’s not being properly rinsed clean after doing a dirty job, all that ugly water is just drying on your mop head, and the next time you go to clean, you might find that your mop is suddenly doing a less than stellar job because guess what? You didn’t clean it off properly last time. So if you want your mop to give you a great cleaning every single time, and prolong its life, be sure to rinse it off after each use.

2. Shower Bottles

Sure, you clean your tub and shower so that no mold or mildew starts to build up, but what about those shampoo bottles? You use them every time you take a shower, so naturally they’re going to get soap, hair, and dirt on them, which means you have to clean them just like you would any other part of the house. Also, picking up those bottles to clean them will reveal all that dingy water that’s gathered underneath them, giving you the chance to throughly clean every part of your bathroom to make sure nothing has the chance to grow in it.

3. Empty the Vacuum

You might not think that you have to empty your vacuum after each use, but you know what? You do. Not because we’re trying to make more work for you, but because every vacuum has a fill line, and it’s human nature to forget to empty it when you’re supposed to. If all that dirt in there makes it past the fill line, it can prevent your appliance from doing its job properly, meaning all you’re doing when you vacuum is just pushing a lot of that dirt around rather than sucking it up. Plus, it can damage your vacuum, too, meaning you’ll have to shell out more bucks for a replacement, when all you had to do was empty it after each use.

4. Handles/Light Switches

These are things you touch everyday, right? So naturally it makes sense to clean them when you’re cleaning everything else, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to do just that. Whether it’s your hands, your spouses hands, or your children’s hands, it’s important to keep handles and light switches clean because who knows what we carry in from outside on our fingers? Especially during cold and flu season. Viruses, bacteria, dirty smudges…there’s a whole host of things that can transfer from our hands to our light switches, and the next time someone else touches it, it can then be transferred to their hands, potentially making them sick. It’s a vicious cycle, really, so make sure to disinfect those door handles and light switches just as often as you do everything else.

It’s eye opening stuff, right? Who would have thought you have to clean your shampoo bottles just as often as you clean your shower? The truth is you do, if you want to keep everything clean and sanitary.

By taking care of those small details like the ones listed above, you’ll find yourself noticing all sorts of little things that you should be cleaning regularly, but don’t. That’s okay, though, there’s plenty of time to change, and add them to your regular routine so that your home is as clean as it can be.

And hey, when all else fails, call in the professionals and we’ll take care of it for you!

Until next time, Moppers…stay safe, and stay clean!

4 Great Ways to Clean with Epsom Salt

Good Monday morning, Moppers. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and are ready to kick some butt this week. Our weekend was busy, busy, busy as usual, but we’re back at it today and ready to face anything Monday has to throw at us.

Saturday saw us hit the grocery store, and while we managed to find some fairly descent deals, nothing beats that BUY 1 GET 1 sign. We see that and our heart skips a beat, because not only does it mean we get to save a bit of coin, but we get to stock up on some of our favorites, and this weekend those favorites included epsom salt. Two big bags for the price of one. Awesome!

Why are we so excited about epsom salt?

Well, not only has it been used for hundreds of years to help with all kinds of aches and pains, but it can also be used around the home to clean.

Mind you, we don’t use it all the time, but it can definitely come in handy in a pinch, and as luck would have it we’re here today to show you how you, too, can clean with epsom salts.

1. Detergent Build-Up

It’s no secret that you have to keep your washing machine cleaned on a regular basis, because over time all that laundry detergent you use can build up inside it, causing hard deposits that can do major damage.

A good trick to get rid of all that gunk is to fill your top-loading machine with hot water, add a quart of white vinegar, and one cup of epsom salt. Start a regular wash cycle and let it agitate for about a minute, then stop the cycle, open the lid, and let that solution sit in the tub for an hour. When you’re done, run it through a regular wash/rinse cycle.

To remove any remaining residue, fill the tub with hot water once more, only this time add two cups of bleach, let it sit for an hour, then run another wash/rinse cycle.

Now your machine should be running much more efficiently than before.

2. Clean Pots and Pans

Got a bunch of stuck on food and gunk on the bottom of your pots and pans after cooking? Hey, it happens. An easy solution to help remove all of that is to sprinkle some epsom salt in there before you start to scrub. The abrasiveness of the epsom salts will help to remove all that stuck-on food much easier than if you were just using a sponge and some water, and the best part is they’re still gentle enough to not harm your cookware, so you can scrub until your heart’s content…or at least until all that food is gone.

3. Hand Cleanser

You wouldn’t think that cleaning your hands with epsom salt would do much, but when it’s combined with a little baby oil, the results can be fantastic.

Just mix 1/2 cup of baby oil, and one cup of epsom salt in a bowl, and stir it all around. Transfer the mixture to a jar (or a couple of smaller containers), and keep them near the sink.

When you’re ready to use it, simply scoop some into your hands, and rub it all around before rinsing them. The coarse epsom salt will help to get rid of dirt while exfoliating your skin at the same time, and the baby oil with leave them nice and smooth, for the perfect combination of clean and soft skin.

4. Tile & Grout Cleaner

There’s nothing worse than messy tiles and grout in the bathroom, right? It can be such a pain to remove all that gunk, too, but trust us—epsom salt makes it so much easier.

Simply mix equal parts liquid dish detergent and epsom salt, then spread the mixture over any stained or dirty surfaces, and let it sit for a few minutes. When you’re ready, scrub it away with a damp sponge, and you’ll be amazed at how easily it removes all that caked on grime.

There you have it, gang. Some easy and effective ways to clean with epsom salts that you might not have thought of before.

Yeah, it’s nice to soak in an epsom salt bath after a long, hard day to relieve all those muscle aches and stress, but when you find yourself in a pinch and need something to clean with, epsom salts can be a great alternative to your regular cleaning supplies. The best part? Even without one of those fantastic BUY 1 GET 1 deals, they’re super cheap and readily available at any grocery store.

That’s it for now, Moppers. We’ll talk to you again mid-week, but until then stay safe, and stay clean!

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