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7 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil Around the Home

Happy Friday, Moppers! Another week is almost in the books, and in a few short hours the weekend will be upon us. Hopefully you’ve got something in the works to make it a memorable one, but hey, even if you’re just lounging on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book, that’s okay too.

We’ve done a lot of cleaning this week, both for clients, and for ourselves. While cleaning around the home, though, we ran out of the one thing we love almost as much as we love tidying up: lavender essential oil.

It’s no secret that we’re kind of crazy about essential oils around here, but lavender is definitely in our top 3. It has so many uses! Not just for cleaning, but for personal hygiene, and for freshening up the home. Needless to say we stocked up in a hurry, and you should, too, because today we’re going to show you SEVEN ways you can use lavender essential oil around your home.

1. Odor Deodorizer

We love our pets, right? From the cuddles to the kisses to the soft fur…they’re awesome. What’s not so awesome is the odors they can sometimes leave behind though, right? Sure, you can clean a stain, but sometimes that isn’t enough to get rid of the funky odor left behind. Here’s a handy tip: grab a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, add a few drops of lavender essential oil, and sprinkle it over the stench, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum it up. Voila! That odor should now be gone, and it’s all thanks to lavender.

2. Ironing

There’s nothing worse than grabbing some clothes to wear only to discover that they’re all wrinkled. Ugh. Talk about a real pain. When you break out the iron to get rid of those wrinkles, put 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil into the water if you not only want to smooth out your garments, but make them smell fresh, too.

3. Headache Relief

Headaches are…well, a pain in the neck. When you have one, it’s almost impossible to get anything done, because all you want to do is just close your eyes and will it to go away. Well don’t think on it too hard, instead grab your lavender essential oil and massage a couple of drops into your temples. We do this everytime we feel a headache coming on and let me tell you, it works like a charm!

4. Refresh Your Bed

There’s nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed with clean sheets on it, right? They’re so fresh, and  new, and they smell amazing, which makes for a pleasant night’s sleep. Want to turn that freshness up to 11? Before putting those clean sheets on your bed, place a few drops of lavender essential oil onto your mattress for an even better night’s sleep, and a highly intoxicating scent.

5. Closet Treat

We all know that when things are stored away in our closets for an extended period of time, they can start to get a little funky. To combat this, and to help keep moths and insects away, place a few drops of lavender essential oil onto a some cotton balls, and stick them in your closet. They’ll help keep the creepy crawlies at bay, while making your closet smell fresh, along with the items in it.

6. Vacuuming

Sometimes when you vacuum there’s a noticeably musty scent left behind caused by your dust bag or container. To leave behind a fresh, clean scent instead, soak some cotton balls with lavender essential oil and place them in your vacuum bag or container, and now when you suck up all that dirt, you’ll also freshen your rooms.

7. Spray Your Linens

Finally—and perhaps one of our most favorite uses for leander essential oil: linen spray. From freshening up your sheets, to bringing a calming scent to your upholstery, lavender linen spray can do wonders for your home. The best part? It’s super easy to make, and you can check out the recipe we use right here.

Lavender, is there anything it can’t do? Trust us, once you start using it around your home, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it, because not only will the place smell great, but the calming effects of lavender will have a tremendous impact on your mood.

That’s all for today, Moppers. We hope you enjoy your weekend, and we’ll talk to you again next week. Until then, stay safe, and stay clean!

How to Remove Winter Salt Stains

Good Friday morning, Moppers. You’ve successfully made it through another week, and it’s almost time for the weekend. By now things should be in full swing after all those new year’s celebrations, and it’s back to the grind of work and daily life, right?

Of course we’re still in the midst of winter, and with the snow and slush comes one thing we hate almost as much as the cold: salt stains. Every year no matter how hard we try they seem to get everywhere. On our shoes and boots, our clothes, and our vehicles.

Have no fear, though, because today we’re here with some tips on how to remove all that messy salt from your garments, which will come in handy this season when you find yourself on the way to work, and without the convenience of a washing machine at your disposal. So kick back and read all about how you can get those salt stains out of your clothes!


There’s nothing worse than finding a ring of salt along the bottom of your pants, right? We work so hard to make ourselves look presentable, and then BAM! They it is just sitting there, mocking us. Well it’s time to take care of those salt stains permanently with just a hair brush. Here’s how:

Step 1: Let the salt stain dry completely before attempting to remove it.

Step 2: Using a hair brush with soft bristles, simply brush away the salt until it’s all gone.

Step 3: If salt remains, dip a cloth in warm water and dab it over the salty area. Let it dry, and then repeat the brushing method to remove any excess salt.

Leather Shoes

Salt can damage leather, so if you find yourself with a bunch of it on your shoes or boots, it’s best to remove it as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Dip a clean rag in a 1:1 solution of water and white vinegar.

Step 2: Wipe away the salt and dirt until it’s all gone. You might have to dip the rag more than once, and repeat the wiping process many times depending on how much salt is on your shoes.

Step 3: Buff dry with a clean cloth.

Suede Shoes

We love suede because of how pretty it looks on our feet, but man, those salt stains can really do a  number on it, right? To quickly remove them, just do this:

Step 1: Dip a cloth in undiluted white vinegar.

Step 2: Blot the area with the cloth until it’s dry to remove as much salt as possible.

Step 3: After the area is dry, brush the suede with a clean, terry-cloth towel or suede brush in small, circular motions to raise the nap, and remove any excess salt that might be hiding there.

Bonus: Car

Sometimes there’s just too much salt on our cars to spot clean, and in that case it’s best to take it to the car wash to get it all off because that can damage your car in a hurry, but if you’re able to spot-clean your vehicle, here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Dip a cloth in a solution of half water, and half white vinegar.

Step 2: Wipe the salt stains free from your car, dipping the cloth several times if need be in the water/vinegar solution. Do this until they’re all gone.

Step 3: Buff dry with a clean cloth.

There’s no doubt that winter can be a pain in the butt, especially with all that salt getting everywhere, but thankfully with the above methods you can do your best to combat it, and live your snowy life free from stains on your clothes, shoes, and cars.

That’s all for today, Moppers. We hope you have an amazing weekend, and we’ll chat with you again next week. Until then, stay safe, and stay clean!

2 Easy Ways to Clean Your Microwave with Steam

Good Friday morning, Moppers. We hope you had a spectacular New Year’s Eve, and that the first week of 2018 has been treating you kindly. We’ve been busier than ever around here, which is a great way to kick of the new year, of course, but we’re looking forward to some R&R this weekend to recharge our batteries.

One thing on the agenda this weekend is to clean the microwave. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays it sort of fell by the wayside, so as much as it’s been used over the last few weeks we figured it’s time for a good cleaning. All that gunk in there has got to go, and luckily for you we’ve got a couple of ways to clean a dirty microwave. It’s not as simple as spraying it with some all-purpose cleaner and giving it a wipe. Not if you want to get it really clean.

So today we thought we’d share with you the two methods we use to clean microwaves to restore them to their glorious shine both inside, and out.

Steam Clean with Essential Oils

What You’ll Need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Essential Oils
  • Sponge

Step 1: Get Ready

First, get your sponge soaking wet and place it in the microwave. You want that sucker completely saturated, so don’t just dunk it in some water and be done with it.

Next, fill your spray bottle with a few ounces of water (3-5 should work), and drop in some lemon essential oil. How much depends on you, but we like to go with about 7 drops for a stronger lemon scent.

Step 2: Spray It Down

Spray the inside of your microwave with the water/essential oil mixture. Like the sponge, get it nice and wet. Spray it liberally all over so that it covers the entire thing. Make sure to get the bottom, sides, and of course the top.

Step 3: Turn It On

Set your microwave for two minutes and let ‘er rip. You don’t have to do anything else within this time except stand back and sip your coffee while the microwave does most of the heavy lifting.

Step 4: Wipe It Down

When the microwave beeps, leave the door closed for a couple more minutes so the sponge can cool down so it’s not scalding hot to the touch. Then open the door, grab the sponge, and wipe down the inside of your appliance. You’ll be amazed at how easily all that gunk just comes right off.

Bonus Tip: Use the same sponge to wipe down the outside of your microwave for a complete cleaning.

Steam Clean with Vinegar

What You’ll Need:

  • Measuring cup
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Wooden spoon
  • Sponge

Step 1: Be Prepared

Fill your measuring cup with 1 cup of white vinegar, and 1 cup of water. Next, place a wooden spoon in the cup, and set it in the microwave. The spoon will help prevent the mixture from getting so heated it explodes, which rarely ever happens, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2: Microwave

Set your microwave to run for 5-10 minutes depending on how powerful it is. Ours is somewhere right in the middle, so we usually run it for about 7 1/2 minutes. Turn it on, and grab some coffee while you wait.

Step 3: Wipe

When the microwave beeps, carefully remove the measuring cup with the wooden spoon in it using an oven mitt or pot holder. You don’t want to burn yourself, is what we’re saying, so use something to protect your hand.

Then grab a damp sponge and start wiping all the gunk inside away. The steam from the water/vinegar should’ve loosened everything right up, making cleaning a breeze so that it all comes off easily and without too much elbow grease.

Pretty easy, right? If you want to go the extra mile and make the outside of it sparkle, dab some rubbing alcohol onto a damp cloth and buff it all over for a streak-free shine.

We prefer the essential oil method, of course, since we’re all about those oils around here. Plus, it just smells better without that lingering vinegar odor hanging around.

That’s it for today, Moppers. Have a great weekend, and we’ll talk to you again soon. Until then, stay safe, and stay clean!

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