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5 Essential Oils to Use When You’re Sick

Happy hump day, Moppers. We hope your week is going off without a hitch so far. Just think, it’s almost the weekend, and soon you’ll be able to kick back and relax with a good book, a good movie, and some good company.

Us? We’re tending to a little sickness this week. Everything was going great until last night when cold symptoms began to rear their ugly head. Runny nose, body aches, lots of sneezing…you know how it is. There’s almost nothing worse than that dreaded feeling when you know you’re getting sick, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Or is there?

When we’re getting sick, we turn to the power of essential oils to help cure what ails us, and you know what? They work! Last night all it took was a little eucalyptus and lavender oil, and BAM! No more runny nose, or body aches.

So with that in mind we thought we’d share with you today some of the best essential oils to use when you’re sick, so you can get some quick relief.

1. Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of our favorites when we’re sick, because it’s an excellent remedy for coughs and congestion. To use it, we simply apply some eucalyptus essential oil on our chest, and on our nose, and take a few, deep breaths. Usually that does the trick to help get rid of a stuffy nose, but if you need a little more breathing power, place several drops in a bowl of steaming hot water, drape a towel over your head, and inhale all that goodness until you feel your airways begin to clear.

2. Lavender Oil

Another one of our favorites, lavender essential oil is known for its soothing properties to help you sleep, but did you know it also works great to help relieve congestion? It’s true! When we’re out of eucalyptus oil, we apply lavender to our neck, chest, and nose, and within 30 minutes we can start to notice the difference. It also works great to help headaches caused by sinus congestion, so rub a little on your temples, too.

3. Lemongrass Oil

One of the worst parts about having a cold is that feeling of always being in a daze that comes with it. Sometimes it feels like you’re not yourself, and you’re walking around like a zombie just going through all those day-to-day motions. Lemongrass essential oil is a great way to combat those fuzzy feelings. Simply inhale it straight from the bottle, or place a few drops on your pillow before you lay down. You’ll soon see a big difference in the way you feel, and be back to your old self before you know it.

4. Oregano Oil

When you’re dealing with upper respiratory issues such as a nasty cough and sore throat, look no further than oregano essential oil. Grab yourself some top grade, pure oregano oil, and place a few drops under your tongue. Let it absorb for about 30 seconds before swallowing, and you’ll find yourself having near instantaneous relief of your symptoms.

5. Tea Tree Oil

One of the worst things about having a cold is all the coughing that comes with it. Sure, you can take some medicine, or suck back lozenge after lozenge, but why put yourself through all that when you can just take care of that cough with some tea tree oil? All you have to do is apply several drops to you neck and sinus area, and be amazed as that cough you’ve been dealing with quickly disappears in no time thanks to this amazing essential oil.

With the change in seasons comes the increased chance of getting hit hard by a cold, and who has time for that? We’ve got things to clean, items to organize, and holiday planning to do. We can’t be bothered to get slowed down by a cold.

It’s comforting to know, though, that when those symptoms do start to present themselves, we don’t have to turn to pharmaceuticals to help us through it. All it takes is a little all natural essential oil to bring us quick relief.

Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself, and you’ll soon see why we swear by them all day, everyday.

That’s it for today, Moppers. We’ll chat with you again on Friday!


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