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3 Things You Should Clean More Than You Do

Good Friday morning, Moppers! Another week has come and gone, and in only a few hours we can say hello to the weekend. Even though it was a shorter week, we’re still ready to hang up our hats, because we packed a lot into four days and it’s time to relax!

Sort of.

We can never sit still for long periods of time, so even though we’re not technically “working” we’re still doing something to occupy our time. Whether it’s cleaning, finishing up some DIY projects, or just puttering around in the garden, life has to stay busy.

Speaking of being busy, it’s hard to make sure everything in your home that needs to be clean actually is, right? Sometimes it’s easier to rush through your routine and tell yourself you’ll come back for that speck of dirt later. Unfortunately later never comes, does it?

Thankfully we’re this week to let you know all about the things you should be cleaning more than you actually do, so the next time you’re going through your daily tasks, you’ll stop and rethink if that dirt can really wait until later.


How often do you clean your doorknobs? We’re guessing not as often as you should. You’d be amazed at the amount of bacteria that can be found on such an everyday item. Think about it, you don’t like to shake hands with someone when they have a cold, but we have no problem touching that knob their hands just touched. It’s the same thing! The next thing you know germs are spreading, everyone’s sick, and ugh…what a disaster.

Wipe down those doorknobs on a regular basis with disinfectant whenever you’re cleaning surfaces. This will help cut back on the amazing of bacteria spread throughout the home, and hopefully keep you and your family a little healthier.

Washing Machine/Dishwasher

We don’t normally feel like we have to clean our washing machines and dishwashers because they get cleared every time we wash something, right? WRONG! Over the course of their like food particles can get stuck, debris from your clothes can jam your machine, and overall gunk can start to slow down and shorten the life of your machines on top of not making them clean the way they should be cleaning.

Want to fix that? All you have to do is run your dishwasher and washing machine with vinegar and baking soda instead of your regular detergent, and that will help to clear up any minor issues you have in there, bringing them back to their former glory s they can clean your dishes and clothes the way they were designed to.


iPads, Kindles, cell phones, and of course all those remotes that control your TVs. Did you know that toilet seats are cleaned more often than our electronic devices? Think about that. The place where you do your business is cleaned more often than the things you do business on. Eww. The main culprit? Snacking. No kidding. Those food particles love to sit there and turn into bacteria, and the more we eat the dirtier they become, and most times we don’t even notice.

To clean your gadgets, grab a damp cloth and spritz it wish a bit of disinfectant (you can get some that is especially made for electronics), and wipe it over the buttons, in between the buttons, and over any other surface you touch regularly. Also, you might want to wash your hands more than you do, too.

It’s amazing the things we think are clean that actually aren’t. That’s just a list of three, but you can also add in pillows and duvet covers, bathroom mats, kids toys, and couches.

The next time you think you might be too busy to clean properly, stop and think about all those germs and bacteria that are populating your home, and get it right the first time. It’ll save you time, help with your health, and you can click with confidence the next time you decide to relax and binge-watch your favorite TV show.

That’s all for this week, Moppers. Have a great weekend and we’ll chat with you again soon. Until then stay safe, and stay clean!


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