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10 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets Around the House

Happy Friday, Moppers! We hope you all had a wonderful week, and are ready to kick back and enjoy a long weekend…if you’re one of the lucky few that has Monday off, of course.

This weekend we’re all about taking the ordinary, and making it extraordinary. We like to do that by using things for a purpose other than they were made for. For example: coffee, sugar, and tea. In those instances you can see that you can get way more use out of those items than just ingesting them, and this weekend we’re about to do the same thing with dryer sheets!

A while back we started making our own homemade dryer sheets, but we still have a box of store-bought ones kicking around that we’d hate to see go to waste, so we got to investigating what we could use them for, and low and behold as it turns out there are loads of ways you can use dryer sheets.

Get it? Loads. Laundry.

Don’t forget to tip your waitress, we’re here all week!

Seriously, though, if you’ve taken to ditching the dryer sheets in your home, or even if you’re looking to put them to good use between washes, here are a few ways you can use your dryer sheets, other than in the dryer.

1. Camping Gear

With summer winding down, and camping season almost over, you’re going to be putting all that caping gear away for the winter. For fresher smelling gear come spring, stick a couple of dryer sheets in your sleeping bags before you roll them up, and put a few of them inside your tent before you pack it all away for hibernation.

2. Pet Hair

Dog and cat hair getting you down because it’s everywhere? Not a problem! Grab a couple of dryer sheets and run them over your furniture, your lamp shades, your clothes, and your floors. All that pet hair will cling to those dryer sheets, making for easy removal.

3. Fire Starter

Now that fall is right around the corner and cooler temperatures are starting to prevail, one of our favorite activities will be sitting around the fire at night, gabbing until all hours of the morning. We like to make a quick and easy fire starter by stuffing a couple of dryer sheets inside an old toilet paper, or paper towel roll. It’s the fastest way to get that fire roaring!

4. Squeaky Shoes

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes, right? Except when they squeak everywhere you walk. Ugh, we hate that. Want to get rid of that squeaking fast? Simply take a dryer sheet and rub it along the bottom of your rubber-soled shoes, and you’ll notice a drastic decline in all that noise.

5. Toilet Cleaner

If you’ve been dealing with tough water stains in your toilet that just won’t come clean, toss a couple of dryer sheets in the bowl and let them sit for a while. Then, use your toilet brush to scrub them away! Oh, and please don’t flush those dryer sheets down the toilet. Toss ‘em in the trash when you’re done.

6. Crayon Cleaner

Are you giving sanctuary to the next Rembrandt? That’s great, but in the meantime those crayon marks all over the wall are kind of a drag, right? No worries. Take a fresh dryer sheet and rub the area gently with it, and you’ll notice that crayon disappear in no time.

7. Air Freshener

While our preferred method of making our home smell great is essential oils, you might have not gotten around to blending your own scents to freshen your home. If that’s the case, take a dryer sheet and place it over your HVAC vents with a little bit of tape to send a clean, fresh scent throughout your house. This will also work on ceiling fans, too. Just tape one of top of the blades so it’s not swishing all around.

8. Bye Bye Bugs

Do you have a bunch of slaughtered bugs on your car windshield and grill? Get rid of that unsightly carnage with a wet dryer sheet. They’re coarse enough to remove all that gunk, but still soft enough to not damage the finish on your vehicle.

9. Hat Head

With winter right around the corner we’re all going to be bundling up in warmer clothes, and this included wearing our favorite hats. To combat the static cling of hat hair when you take it off, simply rub a dryer sheet inside the hat before you put it on, and that way your hair won’t go all haywire.

10. Electronics

Our televisions, computers, and stereos are all electrically charged, which means they attract dust like crazy. Since dryer sheets are designed to reduce static, use them to wipe all that dust off your electronics, so that way it will also help in reducing how fast all that dust builds up again.

Pretty neat, right? We just love doing stuff like this around the house with items you normally wouldn’t think to do anything with.

These are just a few ways you can use dryer sheets other than in the dryer. They’re also great for cleaning chrome, keeping bugs away, and for cleaning up dry spills in the kitchen.

Enjoy your weekend, Moppers! We’ll chat with you again on Monday.


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